Monday, February 9, 2009

My trip to Langkawi - Hotel

I went to Langkawi in 2007, here is some photos of what I did and where I visited.

Renting a car would be a good idea to go around the whole island. Don't forget the most important thing to do: Go to Duty Free Shops....Don't forget to buy Chocolates...Ha ha, that's what I feel is important! For me not bringing back duty free chocolate, feels like I haven't been to Langkawi. It is really cheaper there.

I stayed in Awana Porto Malai because they were having promotion. I would say that the hotel was not bad, just that it is a bit far from the town, and it does not have a beachfront. The hotel has a big swimming pool. It is a good hotel to relax, if you want a relaxing holiday.

Here are some pictures of the surrounding area of the hotel:

Pictures taken from the hotel.

The view of the sea, but awana doesn't have a beachfront.

The beautiful sunset at Awana Porto Malai.

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