Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chiang Mai- Elephant Camp and Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Visit the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, if you have not seen a elephant show before. In fact, you should visit this place. I been to elephant camps, shows before, but I like this the best. There are more things to see and I guess more creative elephants. You can also take a ride on the elephant. But is can be quite costly.
I have put some photos of the elephant show:
(but I did not put all my pictures of the show, as I do not want to show everything that happened, so it will be more exciting for all those going to chiang mai)

Next to Samkamphaeng Road, that is where most of the handicraft factory or outlet are located. Silk, Cotton and Bo Sang Umbrella Village.
There are quite a few company that makes umbrella, they have the really commercialized one and the not so commercialized one. For me, I don't really like the commercialized one, because I feel that they are really expensive and not so passionate about their work, or because they keep pushing you to buy their products. I went for both this time, I told the driver about my plans to go to the Bo Sang Umbrella Village, and he showed me two places. First, I went into the not so commercialized one, I can't remember the name though. This is what I saw:

Beautiful artwork, amazing handicraft, impressive skills! and it is not finished yet!! The finish product must be incredible! The umbrellas was so beautiful, that I was tempted to bring one home for myself. Too bad, there was not enough space for me to do so, plus it was costly to ship it. So I decided against that idea.

This women is starting from scratch... putting glue on umbrella.

There was a man, that was able to draw on the pants and t-shirts. Very realistic drawing. Impressive skills! Can take that back as souvenir!

Then we got him a plain t-shirt to draw on and see what he did to the t-shirt.Really I'm not lying, he is really talented! Look at the picture, it was drawn from scratch... to this beautiful t-shirt.

I went to the commercialized one too, it is actually Thaksin's family shop. Really good service, but very commercialized, feel pressured to buy. I wonder whether it is closed down now?

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