Friday, December 31, 2010

Guilin - Continuation of 1st Day

Continuation from the previous post...

After lunch it was time for sightseeing....Most of the people would just skip Guilin and go straight to Yangshuo. But for me I didn't want to waste by not visiting Guilin town at all. Therefore I deceided to stay in Guilin for a night. At least I can say that I went visited Guilin before.

1) Elephant Hill
This is one of the place that is listed by others as a must visit. Personally, I think that unless you around that area, you can visit this place if not you can skip this place. Our tour guide took us to have a look at it. For me it was just a rock, that is shaped like an elephant and a nice park near it. As shown in the pictures below.

2) Yao Mountain
I personally wanted to visit this place, not everyone recommends it though as it can be quite far. The normal tour itinerary seldom include this place. Therefore, I needed to ask my tour guide to take me to Yao Mountain.

You will have to take the cable car up and can opt to come down by the toboggan. Toboggan is really fun, so if you have kids and teenager, they will enjoy coming down by toboggan.

Back to Yao Mountain, it is located outskirts of the city. However, the view on the top is really amazing, you will be able to view Guilin scenery. Unfortunately, I went in November and was not able to see any flowers or that much colours. But it is still worth a visit.

3) Reed Flute Cave
As you read or browse through catalogue, the most frequent picture that they put is the picture below. A stunning picture of the cave, that looks like the night scenery of cities reflected on the water. That is the highlight of the cave. However, other than that it is just like other caves, with their own stories, cleverly litted with colouful lights. After taking a picture of this view, we just quickly left the cave. I would recommend you to visit this place, if you are interested in caves...

After dinner, was shopping time, we went to the night market on Zhong Shan Road, a long stretch of stalls all the way to Niko niko do (Japanese Department Store). Niko niko do, all branded clothing, was expensive even though on sales.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guilin & Yangshuo

Heard of Guilin? Seen Pictures of it? Yeah...famous for picturesque mountains like paintings...My destination

Day 1 of Arrival
Left for Guilin from LCCT and arrive in the afternoon, I had expectations and eagerly waiting to see what Guilin holds for me.


After immigration and exiting from the airport we met our tour guide and he took us to the hotel to check in.

Hotel: Osmanthus Hotel
Cleanliness: 3 star , white sheets
Design: Was alright, nothing spectacular, just normal 3 star hotel, toliet lights were a little dim.
Others: Hot Shower, TV available.
Note: Guilin hotels are normally more expensive than hotel in Yangshuo.

Pictures of the room

All our stomachs was complaining for food... We walked to the nearest restaurant, it is located near the hotel, just round the corner.

These are the food that we ordered:

Soup- Wild Mushroom Bone Soup (literal translation)- the whole menu was in chinese.
The soup has a mild taste, not spicy.

This dish is really delicious. You are able to taste the softness of the meat and the taro (well cooked) infused with the flavours from the seasoning. This restaurant cook this dish really well.

Sour Fried Fish- My friend wanted to try the small fishes, I personally do not like small fishes, as they are full of bones, most of the time you are busy taking the bones out then tasting the meat (personal preference). At such, couldn't really comment on this dish. Would recommend trying a bigger fish though.

Normal stir fry vegetable.

We were happy with the meal. Then we went back to our hotel to get ready for sightseeing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guilin & Yangshuo- Planning

After looking through thousand and thousand of pictures on Guilin, done and decided that my next destination would be Guilin & Yangshuo.

I started doing research on this trip, far in advance as to places that I want to visit. I have tried self-travelling (DIY), self-driving,following tour groups around. Usually, I would like to explore the whole place at my own time and pace, this way, I get to experience daily life as a local, speak the local language or test my language skills. This time though, I was travelling with friends and family, travelling on my own, with maps and guide books would be a bit to risky and difficult plus it was a short holiday. I decided to engage a private tour to take us to places we want to go, guarantee no stops to buy things that we don't want nor places we do not want to see.

Private tours are usually expensive, that is a common view, and I totally agree but what you get out of it is your time. Anyway, i was thinking of getting a decently price tour and since it is china,it should be cheaper...

Finally, I found two, the issue was with pricing and trust. I chose one that was prompt in returning my e-mails. Unfortunately, at the end of the day...dissapointed...(will tell you more about it)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm back...

I'm back... I will soon be blogging about my trip to guilin as promised... hopefully you will be able to gets some tips on where to go or visit...

------>------------> Guilin<--------------<--------------

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Air Asia Free Tickets

Heard that Air Asia will be having free tickets tonight 12:01 (9/6/2010) to all international destinations travelling period Oct-Nov... if not mistaken...

Check it out, if you plan to travel anywhere with air asia...

Guilin, Yangshuo......

Previously, I posted in this blog and mentioned that I would like to blog about my guilin trip. Unfortunately, my PC was strike by lightning, there goes my pictures of guilin and my pc and picasa...sob sob sob...

Fortunately i saved my pictures in hard disk, but will have to wait till I get my new computer and upload all the pictures.... sorry guys have to wait...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coming Soon-My trip to picturesque Guilin & Yangshuo

Coming soon- Guilin, China
One of the beautiful places in china.

*things i did, places i went* food i ate *places for shopping
with honest review-and pictures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair till 7th March

Around this time, is where all the travel fair starts... First up,normally we have the Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair. They started it a few years back, everyone time a week or 2 before Matta Fair.

This time I was eagerly waiting for Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair as they have cheap fares for their destinations. This time round, it wasn't as big as they usually have it. So I was dissapointed! What was even more dissapointing are the fares, it is not as cheap at last year... Aiyah... What for have the fair, if you are not planning on giving cheap rates. Is it a marketing gimmick? to boost sales? to compete with Air Asia?

Really dissapointed Malaysia Airlines!

Now have to wait for Matta Fair or Air Asia to give really good fares.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stunning Dim Sum Restaurant- with equal stunning price

One of the restaurant that we went is this stunning dim sum restaurant in Time Square Hong Kong. Stunning Restaurant-match with Stunning Price, therefore, the price for the food in this Restaurant is expensive too. So be careful! Make sure you know the price before ordering. We order approximately 10 plates of dim sum including pau came up to RM 500+. That is how expensive it is. But the shop is famous and full of people. Quite many of the dim sum though is not like the usual type that you eat in other restaurant. They have the unique selection and new choices of dimsum.

The deco of the restaurant.

The chairs covered with cloth.

The beautiful lights of the restaurant adding to the ambience of the place.

The different types of food.

The "Polo" Pau .

The Menu.

Vegetable with Ginger.

Here is the list of price. If you see on Saturday or Sunday the prices are more expensive.

My rating: Definitely a delicious restaurant, but a hole in the pocket because of the pricey food. Ambience- it very very romantic restaurant with the deco adding to its ambience. Very beautiful setting.

I would recommend this restaurant, but save all your money first before going to this restaurant.