Monday, February 16, 2009

Langkawi- In Search for the most beautiful beach

Yes! Searching for the most beautiful beach in Langkawi! I heard from many people and read websites, forum and blog to search for the most beautiful beach in Langkawi. (As you know, I love beautiful scenery.) There were so many different views on which is the most beautiful part. So my goal when I was in Langkawi is to find out for myself, the most beautiful beach of langkawi to give my views on it, to proof some people wrong on this subject. In order to reach my goal, I travel around the whole island by car from one end to the other, from one beach to another to take pictures and to find the answer. I covered almost all the beaches in Langkawi, except for one or two. As for my conclusion, look for it below.

This sea has very beautiful colours, mix of all the blues, dark and light,plus the mountain as the backdrop and the blue sky, the yellow sand. I was shocked to see the yellow sand, i thought it was very dirty, but come to think of it is works as contrast to the sea colours.

This is another beach, look at the colour, looks like there is only 2 tones. What do you think? Pretty! The sand this time is whiter, it just gives a beautiful picture.

This beach the water is has the darker tones of blue but the sand, is so white!!! The entire picture, the blue sky, the white clouds, the dark green mountains, the dark blue sea and the widespread area of white sand, make everything picture and postcard perfect.

Another beach that we saw the water was much clearer, compared to the others, lighter blue shade of sea colour nearly to white.
Just on Langkawi Island, you are able to find so many different type of beaches, not to forget the Pasir Hitam beach too. My verdict for the most beautiful beach on Langkawi Island, would be...... deng deng deng.... ALL. Are you surprised why I say that? That's because I feel that each has their own unique beauty, comparing from the colour of the sea, the colour of the sand. When I take pictures of all of the beach in Langkawi, it all turns out very well. It is up for you to decide then which one you like better! Unfortunately, I would say, the sea water is not crystal clear, on some beach, the sea water can be quite dirty.

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