Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Fuzzy Peak

The next morning, we to the local char chan teng to have breakfast, they had some interesting breakfast, but their dan tart (egg tart) was fabulous, so good! and their milk tea was good too. Their menu for breakfast, was somehow interesting, they had instant noodle with ham, mix of western and chinese.

After breakfast, we went to the famous peak, but as you can see, it was so misty that we couldn't take any pictures, and it was freezing cold.

this picture is to show you the whole of hong kong! opps, nothing is there, because of the mist!

Ok finally, buildings on a not clear day.
it wasn't such a good time to go during march, or the time that we went, but at least we saw some building and the weather was nice.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yuckie Dinner

After than awesome dessert at Hui lau shan, it was time to eat dinner, why do we go hungry so fast in hong kong?

I would say this is the worst restaurant that I have tasted, low quality, not nice at all. It was somewhere in ladies market area. Can't even find a dish that is nice to recommend, not a single one. I didn't even take note of the food nor the restaurant. First time, I didn't like what I ate in hong kong.

Would never ever ever ever go back to that restaurant again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Famous Street & Dessert

Is time to wander around the famous shopping malls, and the famous streets. we went to time square, and to the shopping malls nearby like Sogo. I was looking for clothings, cheap clothing, I guess time square was not the right place to look for cheap clothings nor sogo. All branded stuff. I have this craze for japanese things for example: clothing, sweets etc, i saw a mall that is next to sogo (have to cross a street) that I'm able to find Japanese clothing but unfortunately it is out of my budget (way out). as for japanese sweets, i found it in the lower ground of sogo, full of japanese sweets, but not cheap, well, cheaper than flying to japan to get the sweets.
As you are surrounded with high priced branded stuff- shopping malls, there is a small market that is hidden in between shopping malls, that you can bargain to buy clothing, socks. i can't exactly describe the place.
Full of people.

We decided times square area was not our type, we took the MRT and walk on to look for a place that was recommend for cheap stuff. Cheap stuff, we found but a little old fashioned. As we were looking for the exact street, we ran out of time. Wish we had more time, we wanted to find the exact street as it will lead to wholesale outlets for clothing. Aiyah!!

There we landed in the most famous and recommended area, ladies market. We were given two hours to spend on the street. We went up and down, and we didn't even stop to bargain, the things there was repetitive as all markets are, but I thought the clothing there was a little old fashion. As I have read, from other places, it was suppose to be a place where teenagers hang out. Quickly we went from top to bottom of the street, then we wanted to look for the next suggested street Fa Yuen Street, but was not able to find it, or found it similar to Ladies market. Was dissapointed! Went through all the shopping mall on Nathan road, the best for me was Mongkok Argyle Centre, why? because I bought something, haha!

after two hours, decided to eat dessert, as it was recommended by forumers. I chose the famous Hui Lau Shan. Yahoo! Dessert....

X.O raddish cake

My favourite, mango with tong yuen. Even when I back in my home country, I still have a craving for it ever so often. The mango that they use is fresh mango, that's why there are famous, i think they import it from Phillipines. Love it, mouthwatering dessert. Highly recommended, especially for those who have a spot for mango.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch- Wan Tan Mee

Isn't my tummy, a bit too much, just after lunch and a brisk walk near stanley bay and apleichau, my tummy yearns for more food. What more? This time, I was brought to Wan Tan Mee shop, I think it is famous, as you can see, that is the name of the restaurant "zhen dou"(For those who can read chinese) for those who can't read their shop is called Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop, let's taste the difference between Hong Kong wan tan mee and Malaysia's or Singapore's.

the table setting.

the food, wantan mee, vegetables, and beef noodles.

a close up pictures of the food

chee cheong fun with pork

wantan mee soup

and lastly fried devils (yao zha guai) with chee cheong fun.
My taste buds review:dry wantan mee was rather different from the one that i'm use to eating, the wantan mee that I eat back home, is full of black sauce, look at the Wantan mee in hong kong not a single spot of black sauce. Not bad. You can taste the noodle even more, they serve it with pork. maybe i'm used to the black sauce one back home. the cheong fun, which i eat back home is swimming in soya sauce, but in hong kong it is not, the sauce is put seperately. I don't mind it. Love the one back home better. sorry hong kong folks, no offense. Then as for the wantan soup, i like the dry wantan mee better than the soup. the yao zha guai it has a unique taste, but dip in in the soya sauce and you can taste different yao zha guai. did not love it that much. so so...
this shop can be quite expensive, please do prepare a little more cash than usual.
According to their business card, they have 4 outlet, or they may have only have place to put four address, one is in Happy Valley(which I went to), Central Shop, Telfored Shop (Kowloon) and Hung Hom Shop.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stanley Bay & Hong Kong Boats

Right after a full breakfast, it was time to go sightseeing. I went to the famous stanley bay,as it was recommended by other travellers. They had market-like shops, but I was told that it was mainly for the tourist and for foreigners. It is more expensive than usual, so be sure to bargain.
I went to Hong Kong in March, so it was a cold and wet season, we needed umbrellas as it started to drizzle and rain everyday, when we were there. Much to our dismay, but the food quality was not affected by it.

Stanley bay, has quite nice view.

This is westernise street, with a few western shops, that makes you think that you are in europe.

Nice signboard that makes to help you with direction.