Monday, February 21, 2011

Tioman Island

I went to Tioman Island with a group of friend last February.
There are quite many beaches to choose from that we can stay on, from the popular ones to the isolated ones... choosing from the pictures of those who been there before, I chose to stay at Paya Beach Resort and because they offered me a good deal for such a big group of us.

Note: As it was in late February (chinese new year), the tide was low and trip by ferry was really bumpy and rough, many of my friends vomited and was not feeling well. Even the company offering ferry services was not sure whether they will be going to Paya beach resort. It is better to check all these information before going and choosing the place to stay.

Travelling to the Jetty in Mersing, we took Bluewater Express. Then as I mentioned that the journey was really rough, many of my friends were not felt really uncomfortable because of the boat trip. At last after one hour of suffering, we arrived at Paya beach.

I was dissapointed because as you can see from the photos the water was really low, so couldn't swim till the water recover to the normal level.

The rooms were alright, clean and affordable, at times though, the electricity went off and we were left in darkness. the management did not restore the electricity supply immediately.

Another thing that I was very disappointed, as we went during low season, there was not many restaurant for us to choose from only the hotel restaurant another small shop (that always ran out of food). So my friends and I were left without food and as you probably know, hotel food are really exorbitant. We had no choice but to eat at the hotel. I'm not happy that there is a lack of affordable food.

Besides that, any extra activity that you would like to do like snorkeling or travelling to other beach, Money,money, money is involve...

The worst was the bluewater express(the ferry company), they made us wait for 3 hours as they were 3 hours late. there were many ferries from that company that came by they just wouldn't take us till 3 hours later. Unbelievable. I was so angry at them, but we were at their mercy. What can we say?

What a disappointing visit to Tioman Island. Was really looking forward and highly expecting bringing back beautiful memories with my friends.

paya beach- low tide

Deluxe Chalet (we did not stay in this)

Paya beach jetty

Beach - water when it is a little better

The new block that they were building

You can walk from Paya beach to Genting, we did that. You will need a good pair of shoes and it is not really suitable for the elderly, as it is a rough path, lots of climbing stones, steps and it can be quite slippery too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guilin Yangshuo- Must See & Must Eat List

A reader requested for the MUST SEE LIST & MUST EAT LIST in Guilin and Yangshuo:


1) Yao Mountain
2) Li River Cruise by Bamboo Rafting

Yang Shuo
1) Moon Hill
2) Yu Long River
3) Liu Shan Jie Show


1) Lipu Taro Pork
2) Beer Fish