Saturday, May 30, 2009

Choo..choo train... Beijing - Shanghai Train

Ever thought of taking the trains in China?
During my trip I took a train from beijing to shanghai. Other than the loud people, it was good, thumbs up.I took the Z train and my friend told me that it was comfortable, I took the sleeping deck. It was more expensive but it was much more comfortable than seating all the way. I would take the train again, it is very convenient,as it travel at night and the next day you are in the Shanghai.Will recommend it as another mode of transport to travel around china.

Below are the pictures of the train:

We took the double decker bed. the bed are quite comfortable too....

One thing I would recommend,that you go early to the train station and especially if you don't know how to read chinese, because it can be quite confusing, and there are many people, using the train.
Anything you would like to ask me about the train, feel free to write to me...or leave a comment.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Which Great Wall? I chose Mutianyu

There are many section of the Great Wall that tourist are able to visit. Some have become really tourist area...packed with tourist, while others are less discovered and has less tourist. Badaling is the most famous, as the tour groups take you to that too. You can imagine, full of people... I was deciding on which great wall to go too, some say that even Badaling is packed with people but still it is the best, while others say try to the other side, where there are less tourist. I'm happy that finally my friend told me and chose for me. MUTIANYU is the one that we went, I love her choice and happy for that, as it is a good choice. The journey was so cooling compared to the hot city center of beijing. You can get a glance of the country side, where is it not so hectic. The plus point of this part of the Wall? Cable Car and Toboggan...

You can choose to take the Cable Car up, is one of those where you have the seat and something to guard you, while you legs are hanging in mid air. Toboggan...Was so fun!! Love it!! That's how you can chose to come down. I enjoyed it so much.

Here how the scenery look like on the Famous Great Wall of China:

When choosing which Great Wall to go to, don't forget to consider Mutianyu. I will highly recommend it!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer palace--- More Pictures

Interesting boats...looks like traditional chinese houses that are able to float and move.

Couldn't believe what I seeing at first, thought that I needed to wear spectacles and that I'm dreaming. haha....

Don't forget to put Summer palace down as one of the must visit list ok!!!
Very beautiful place!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Palace

This is Summer Palace, Wow, the place is worth visiting, but it takes about a day or two to finish touring the whole place, if you look at every corner. When you look at the map the place, look small, but really the place is so so big, that you wonder how the emperor or the princeses walk from one end to the other. Or would I say how hard must be for the slave to carry them from one end to the other. Tiring.
If you can't finish the whole place, maybe just choose a few from the map that you would like to visit, and test your map reading skills. hehe... and make sure you don't get lost.

The adventurous side of me was bugging me to go to the summer palace but public transportation, as I found some instruction on how to get there. So I changed metro twice and went on a bus. It was fun!!!

Here are the pictures that I would like to share with you...





The walkway is full of all this handpainted beautiful...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Error- Tian An Men Post

Hi Everyone,
I actually post about the first place-Tian An Men I visited in china, but looks like there is some coding problem. Will try to post it as soon as I find out what is the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beijing--First Stop: TianAn Men Square, Forbidden City

I went by underground to Tiananmen Stop (East or West)(TiananmenDong and Tiananmen Xi) and was able to reach it easily. One thing I'm not used to is that everywhere you go in china, there is full of people.

To find the ticket booths, you have to walk further in. This place is huge, so historical building lovers out there, all those going to Beijing on your own, please estimate at least one day or 3/4 of a day to finish the whole place (This apply to other historical sites in Beijing too).

There are many students working as part time guides outside, and you can hire their service. I thought, ah, never mind, I can read english and chinese, so just go ahead and read every information board and sign, and I will be alright, but I regretted not hiring guide, that's because I have no knowledge of chinese history at all and do not know what was happening in the forbidden city and why is the artifact there. SO was clueless the whole time and did not really enjoy myself. So if you have no chinese history knowledge or background at all, i would suggest, you could think of hiring a guide, but it must be a good and knowledgable guide. (Beware: There is lots of walking to do, so if you travelling along with kids or elderly ones, you have to take note of this.)

Below are the pictures that I took:

Rainy day, umbrellas, everywhere.

The old old buildings, full of history and beautiful architecture.

Look at the ceiling and roof it is so detail.

Look a the windows!

The courtyard and gardens are beautiful and soothing too...

This place, reminds me of the TVB drama of ancient scene, when the emperor sits on the throne.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Planning and Transport....

My plan, was that I fly to beijing than come back through Shanghai. After much homework, Malaysia airline was still the cheapest. The other airline that I was planning to go with was Cathay Pacific as they have promotion. How I wish I could try cathay pacific. Cheaper my choice.

As I stayed with my friends, it help me save a lot of money. As Beijing is not a cheap place to stay in. The 6 hours journey to Beijing was dissapointing using Malaysia Airlines. Can you imagine? No Personal TV!!!! How dissapointing....I had to look extra hard at the kici-rat tiny tv.

When I went to Beijing and Shanghai, I went on my own, just like the local travelling around, as I know how to read chinese, it was good, and if you know how the local bus system work, you will get to places in no time and enjoy your ride as you experience the everyday life with local people. When we got stuck we ask the local bus conductor, but we have to try hard to understand them and the one we met could only speak mandarin. Unfortunately, the bus conductor are quite loud too. Do not get a shock! You will get to experience it, if you travel on your own. For me it was fun and really an adventure, getting to destinations, with a map and asking and lots of figuring out, get a feeling like I was on the Amazing Race!!HA! HA! And when you reach the destination, you feel so happy! I would only recommend this type of DIY travel, if 1) you know a friend who is living there and knows the place well 2) you know chinese. As there are people, who may trick better be careful.

As for taxis, I didn't dare go by taxis as I have a fear of getting cheated and I heard that it is expensive.

Reading through many travel guides and as Beijing is famously known for historical buildings. I not a fan of historical buildings but I don't mind it... so my first stop... The famous Tian An Men Square...