Friday, July 24, 2009

Coming Soon- Hong Kong- A place for Culinary Lovers

Hong Kong- A place for culinary lovers and to fill stomach, while the rest goes shopping and the kids visit Disneyland.

Coming soon- HONG KONG... landing on this blog in10 days

Monday, July 20, 2009

InfluenzaA H1N1- Travel setback

SARS, Mad cow disease, Bird Flu, Now Swine Flu, all this different type of virus and sickness all attacking humans...
The swine flu is a setback to all those who like to travel and who wants to travel...including me... but what to do??? Some say go ahead, some say better be careful, some say don't go....What do you think?

Therefore, I would like to hear to know your opinion... Would you still travel even though there is swine flu? Please vote using the poll.

Thank You!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yu Yuan Garden- Old Town Shanghai

Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai, is part of Shanghai old town, and is one of the tourist destination. It offers greeneries, and is a traditional Ming Style Garden. The entrance for Yu Garden in quite expensive and it is full of people.

The facinating part of Shanghai old town, it that famous American shops like D& D and Haagen Dazs has its own outlet there and but in a traditional building,like a chinese palace.... cool....

Below are pictures of the old town/ shops and Yu Garden:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Water village- Zhu Jia Jiao - Shanghai

Zhu Jia Jiao, is a pictureque, tranquil water village of Shanghai... It is just an hour away by bus. We did some homework on how to get there on the net and found out about the Tour Bus No.4,(from Shanghai Studium)and it costs about 80 yuan for a round trip(from the last time I visited, not sure if there is a price change.) One thing about this tickets is that you will have to take note of the time that the bus departs from the stadium and the time that the bus will depart from the water village. It is very important. When you reach the bus station, you will to purchase the tickets. The bus is very good and nice, so don't need to worry about it being dirty or uncomfortable.

You will need a few hours to tour that whole place and travelling time too.

As for this water village,it is worth a visit, and if you are trying to find scenic places and trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city. It is such a calm place, very beautiful scenery and full of ancient houses and backalleys to explore.

You can take picture anywhere and it will still turn out good. I was told to experience the boat ride. I didn't, as it was too expensive. I just went around the whole place, taking many pictures and enjoying the scenery.

After walking for quite a distance, my stomach was making funny noises. Yes, lunch time. There are quite a few shops that sells lunch, and there is a famous tea that, I was told to try. The places to eat lunch,wooden type houses small restaurant, that are sometimes hidden, then another type is those medium size restaurant and the big restaurants. Checking and comparing the price is important. I decided to go for the medium size restaurant, I wasn't careful and was rip off, the food wasn't amazing, just enough to fill my stomach and keep me going. Then I drank their special tea, it was ok, can't realy taste the difference. hehe.

Below are the photos:

Look at how the water pass through the houses and the trees just complement this whole place. The water relects the traditional houses in an interesting way. Calm and serene!

This old lady who rows the boat, gives you very special treatment... She sings a traditional chinese song as she rows the boat. I noticed that other boats did not have the same treatment.
Isn't it beautiful, I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this water village.
Thumbs up!!!