Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guilin & Yangshuo

Heard of Guilin? Seen Pictures of it? Yeah...famous for picturesque mountains like paintings...My destination

Day 1 of Arrival
Left for Guilin from LCCT and arrive in the afternoon, I had expectations and eagerly waiting to see what Guilin holds for me.


After immigration and exiting from the airport we met our tour guide and he took us to the hotel to check in.

Hotel: Osmanthus Hotel
Cleanliness: 3 star , white sheets
Design: Was alright, nothing spectacular, just normal 3 star hotel, toliet lights were a little dim.
Others: Hot Shower, TV available.
Note: Guilin hotels are normally more expensive than hotel in Yangshuo.

Pictures of the room

All our stomachs was complaining for food... We walked to the nearest restaurant, it is located near the hotel, just round the corner.

These are the food that we ordered:

Soup- Wild Mushroom Bone Soup (literal translation)- the whole menu was in chinese.
The soup has a mild taste, not spicy.

This dish is really delicious. You are able to taste the softness of the meat and the taro (well cooked) infused with the flavours from the seasoning. This restaurant cook this dish really well.

Sour Fried Fish- My friend wanted to try the small fishes, I personally do not like small fishes, as they are full of bones, most of the time you are busy taking the bones out then tasting the meat (personal preference). At such, couldn't really comment on this dish. Would recommend trying a bigger fish though.

Normal stir fry vegetable.

We were happy with the meal. Then we went back to our hotel to get ready for sightseeing.