Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Korea- Day 2- Seoul- Namsangol Hanok Village

Beginning of Day 2, a whole new day in a whole new country...
After lingering in the hostel, we walked to our next destination Namsangol Hanok Village.  We walk through Namsangol Park.

Look at the beautiful flowers, ahhhhhhh.... can't resist taking picture of pretty flowers


Below is the Namsangol Hanok Village and its surroundings. 

Next, we had our breakfast at a nearby restaurant, we wanted to try everything, thinking about the cost, nah... we ate kimbap and some noodles (udon).  

Here is the website for more information on the location and how to get to Namsangol Hanok Village:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Korea- Accommodation in Seoul- Seoul Youth Hostel

Since our accommodation was booked by our friend....
This was the place that the booked for us to stay in Seoul Youth Hostel. We booked the whole dorm room because we had 6 person and accommodation in Seoul is very expensive.

The dorm room was clean, white bed sheets, but with only one toilet, we took turn using it. However, they have common bathrooms outside too and a common area with TV and drinking water.

This two nights was alright. Nevertheless, the last night it was noisy as they had school children staying next door for their school holidays. These children just ran and shouted without supervision and without any supervision from the adults. For what we paid for, I think we just had to bear with it. Don't worry our friend told us that there were other rooms that we could choose from for 2 persons (Maybe you can look for those, if you need better privacy)

This is how the dorm room looks like. 

The next day, we found out that  they have a common kitchen area where you can buy ingredients and cook. Plus a small rooftop garden with very nice chairs.

Pro: Clean.
Cons: Could get a little noisy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Korea Continuation of Day 1

Excited about landing in Korea and the food that Korea offers... we went searching for food, sadly many places that we went were close or getting ready to close. We were so hungry that we landed up in a Japanese Restaurant... Japanese Restaurant? yes, in Korea an eating Japanese food? yeah, we couldn't help it, listening to our stomach cries urging for some food...... we had no choice...

Eating in Korea... definitely you must have research, not cheap, especially eating in this type of restaurant....
Sorry I'm unable to provide names of the food...

After eating at the Japanese restaurant, we came across a small stall selling Tteokbokki (Korean Rice cakes). We jumped for joy (watching korean drama and seeing people going to those small stall to eat Tteokbokki, we wanted to experience it). Running towards that stall, we pointed to this rice cake and ask our friend to ask the lady how much does it cost for a bowl. Influenced by the all the K-drama, holding the bowl of Tteokbokki- and eating with toothpicks... wow.... I had to take that picture...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Korea-Day 1

(May, 2011) Gee... Once I step out of the airplane, the weather was so cold. Started putting on my jacket, my leg was shivering, Why? I looked down and saw myself wearing short pants. Aiyah, that is the problem of being stubborn and not listening to my friend- who told me to wear long pants.

It dawn upon me that I'm in another country, which is even more challenging because they do not use international languages like English or Chinese... Good thing I had my friend to translate everything (Thanks friend!) Usually, I would learn some important words to get me through and have a crash course on that language, as it is really comical and fun to see how we communicate with the locals, but I guess I was too lazy and reliant on my friend. Hehe!

We took some time to take the airport train and walk to the main terminal, Incheon International is Really Big. Immigration took some time as they wanted to know the exact hotel that we are staying and the phone no. So pls fill in all the details.

After taking our luggages, we follow our tour guide and to find out that this is the first time to the Captial City Seoul. Ok, blind leading the blind, at least he can speak and read the language. So we rush for the Airport Railroad Express (Arex) to Seoul, we bought the card T-Money for easy use in Seoul. There are 2 escalators leading to the train, but it leads to the same place. We were rushing like mad to get into the train, only to find out that the Arex waited like 5-10 mins before closing the door...Anyway, safe on the Arex to Seoul Station, Approximately less than 1 hour.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Korea, Korea, Korea... Because of the Korean drama that gets you so addicted too and Korean Music that is oh so touching, Korean Wave is spreading to every part of the world. I have been to Korea before and this is the second time. First time was 8 years ago, went with the tour group, so have been to places that they usually takes you- like Nami Island, Soraksan, Autumn in My heart drama location, Jeju Island. This time around, I have a Korean friend and he decided to take us around... Yahoo!...Touring Korea from a local point of view, Not every time we get to have such tours. We book air asia ticket when they first offer to fly to Korea for RM 300+ return ticket per person (inclusive of luggage and meals). We save a lot on the flight tickets.

Lets Start off... Kaja!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Korea- Here I come

Coming Soon: Stepping foot in Korea... Will write about my Korea Trip