Friday, November 27, 2009

Breakfast-Dim Sum

Early Morning, First thing we woke up, we wanted to taste the authentic Hong Kong dim sum.
Wondered how different it would be from our Malaysian dim sum. My uncle drove us to the nearest local dim sum restaurant. It wasn't a famous restaurant, just an ordinary restaurant, but we wanted to taste Hong Kong dim sum so badly that we didn't care whether it was a famous restaurant. Anyway, as we walk in, we saw all the local grandpa grandma eating their breakfast, all eyes were looking at us, and following us as we sat down, I think there were surprised to see us come from out of no where and not someone they know. We felt a bit uncomfortable at first, with everyone staring at us, as if we landed on another planet, but when we the food arrived, we forgot about all the people staring at us. Don't worry, not all Hong Kong restaurant are like that, or I can say this is the only restaurant that have people staring at you.
The porridge, porridge with century egg, the porridge is so smooth and tasty, you know that it has bee cooked for hours and all the ingredients to cook this porridge was just right, not to salty.

Chee Cheong Fun, It has a different taste from the one that I'm used to eating back home. Not bad. It has a similar taste to the Chee Cheong Fun they have in Canton-I.

Tried their bao(dumpling), and their har gao (prawn dim sum). It was alright. But look at the porridge---finished, gone! I could practically lick the whole bowl.

Siew Mai (Pork dim sum)

Align Center
Char Siew Pao (pork dumpling)
Ham Dan Pao (Dumpling with Salted Egg)

Raddish Cake, Compared to the one back home, I love the one at home better.

I would recommend this shop, because other than the porridge the rest was nothing special. The rest of the days in Hong Kong, I found better Dim sum shops.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hong Kong-Dessert

After checking in to our hotel, my mind thought, "What are we waiting for? We are in the Hong Kong, the food paradise, Let go out and eat!" Couldn't wait to taste different type of food. I was looking forward to a shop where i can eat desserts (in cantonese is: thong shui). As I heard that Hong Kong dessert is first class and of good quality.

On the streets searching for desserts.

We found a shop couldn't wait to order, so immediately sat down and ordered. First up: Durian & Mango Cream Dessert (Can't remember the name for it). I tried it and WOW, it was mouth-watering. So rich and yummy.

Couldn't stop next was: Glutinous rice and Mango

This was called: Hoi Dai Ye & Tau Fu Fah ( Sea Coconut and Beancurd Dessert)

The others ordered Walnut Paste, Almond Paste and the red coloured one is Red Bean Dessert.

The Walnut and Almond Paste is like the Peanut Paste Dessert(Fa Shang Wu) is just that they use the heathier version. It was really really good.

Then when I walked out of the shop I realize that this shop is call Moon's Kitchen. It is recommended by other bloggers before. It is really really delicious, you should go it and try.

Just as I am writing this blog, it reminds me of all the delicious dessert I ate in Hong Kong and I'm drooling. Can't wait to visit Hong Kong again.

We continued walking around to see the night scenery of happy valley town. We found another famous shop, it is the shop that sells Steamed Egg Custard and the Steamed Milk Custard. We wanted to just try one or 2 bowls but the shop owner wanted us to ordered more. I wasn't really fond of it, but you can give it a try.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hong Kong-Emperor Hotel

As we wanted to stay near to our relative, our kind uncle. We decided to stay in Happy Valley and this would be the only hotel. This hotel is very clean and neat. Quite a nice hotel but the price was very expensive nearly RM 400 per night. I guess prices of hotel in Hong Kong, a Metropolitan city, must be around there. One thing I look for in a hotel is their cleaniness, decor and friendly staff, value for money.
Below are my ratings:
Hotel Cleaniness: Thumbs up, it was really clean.
Decor- just simple decor, I would gauge by the way they decorate the bed too, I love white sheets and comfortable, not old school type of flower comforter, or brown comforter that some hotel still uses.
Spacious: Not bad for a hotel in Hong Kong.
Friendly staff- They were helpful.
Value for money- Honestly, I would feel that it is overpriced. I think it is quite big for a hotel room in hong kong.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

White sheets! Yahoo! Makes the whole bedroom beautiful and comfortable.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Airport Express-Hong Kong

We decided to take the Airport Express to the City as it is so convinient and about 24 minutes ride to Central. It was very comfortable as you can see, the chair is made out of cushion. But I think it is not suitable for people who has lots of luggage.

They even have the very nice lights to show how long more does it take to reach to your destination. I feel this was really cool!

Airport Express the first stop is Tsing Yi, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Station. They have another stop that is Asia World Expo Station, I think it is more for business people attending the Expo.

Really convenient, if possible take this option of travelling from the Airport to the city.

Check out their official website, as you will be able to find some promotions for the airport express.

For example, we were travelling in fours. I checked the website and they had a special pass for 4 person, which is really a great deal. If you are travelling in four, don't forget to buy the Group of 4 ticket. You can just tell the counter and they will sell you those tickets. The price is HK 250 for single journey, normally it would cost HK 400. It was a good deal. They have a promotion for a group of 2, and 3 too. If you want to know where to find such information, just leave me a message and I will tell you the website.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Air Asia free seats starting 11.11.2009.

Check it out!

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