Friday, December 31, 2010

Guilin - Continuation of 1st Day

Continuation from the previous post...

After lunch it was time for sightseeing....Most of the people would just skip Guilin and go straight to Yangshuo. But for me I didn't want to waste by not visiting Guilin town at all. Therefore I deceided to stay in Guilin for a night. At least I can say that I went visited Guilin before.

1) Elephant Hill
This is one of the place that is listed by others as a must visit. Personally, I think that unless you around that area, you can visit this place if not you can skip this place. Our tour guide took us to have a look at it. For me it was just a rock, that is shaped like an elephant and a nice park near it. As shown in the pictures below.

2) Yao Mountain
I personally wanted to visit this place, not everyone recommends it though as it can be quite far. The normal tour itinerary seldom include this place. Therefore, I needed to ask my tour guide to take me to Yao Mountain.

You will have to take the cable car up and can opt to come down by the toboggan. Toboggan is really fun, so if you have kids and teenager, they will enjoy coming down by toboggan.

Back to Yao Mountain, it is located outskirts of the city. However, the view on the top is really amazing, you will be able to view Guilin scenery. Unfortunately, I went in November and was not able to see any flowers or that much colours. But it is still worth a visit.

3) Reed Flute Cave
As you read or browse through catalogue, the most frequent picture that they put is the picture below. A stunning picture of the cave, that looks like the night scenery of cities reflected on the water. That is the highlight of the cave. However, other than that it is just like other caves, with their own stories, cleverly litted with colouful lights. After taking a picture of this view, we just quickly left the cave. I would recommend you to visit this place, if you are interested in caves...

After dinner, was shopping time, we went to the night market on Zhong Shan Road, a long stretch of stalls all the way to Niko niko do (Japanese Department Store). Niko niko do, all branded clothing, was expensive even though on sales.