Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chiang Mai- Night Market

Yellow lights shinning brightly, crowded with people, stalls selling a variety of things---It is none other than the Night Markets. Chiang Mai has a few night markets, the night bazaar, is the most famous one, but I was told there it more for tourist. They have a few local ones too.

What do we all like to do there? Basically, it helps us get a taste of how local people lives their life, it is a cultural experience, for some though it is where the pocket holes get bigger. Yes, Shopping!!! Chiang Mai is famous for handicraft, so the local people too, they sell handicraft, hand-made jewellery, very nice ones too and at a reasonable price. You can buy clothing too, I found that it is cheaper here than in bangkok.

Small Food stalls--- I did not dare try anything, wasn't adventurous enough, but did tried the tamarind juice, it was good and cheap. Did not have any food poisoning afterwards, fortunately, a sign of relief!

There is something special that I bought from Chiang Mai Night Market, is a tea pillow. A Tea Pillow, you must be shocked that I bought that. I thought that it was something special to bring back. They put tea leaves in the pillow, and the pillow smells good. From Chinese tea to green tea. Every month you must take it out to sun it, then the tea smell will come back. If at anytime, you do not have enough tea, maybe you can cut the pillow and get some from there....Haha! Just my crazy thought!

Remember to experience the night markets in Chiang Mai!

Below are pictures of the night market:

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