Monday, March 30, 2009

Krabi- Phi Phi Island Tour

The first day, I decided to go for the Phi Phi Island tour, as I have heard about how beautiful it is. (As I mentioned before, in my earlier post) I booked from the nearest tour company that is near my hotel, small company, but very nice people, very helpful, it is Krabi Nemo Tour. We booked from them and they arranged for us to join the bigger tour comapany.

We were arranged to join Nattacha Tours, they came to our hotel to pick us up. Then they took us to the jetty. We took the speed boat to Phi Phi Island. Really really long journey, so be prepared, to reach to our first destination, it takes approximately one hour.

As I caught sight,of this island, then I was told that this is Monkey Bay, we were given snorkelling equipment and some time to snorkel and swim.

The next island that we were taken too was the famous Maya Bay, it is location of Hollywood famous film " The Beach". It is a impressive beach, love the colours, the white sand and the clear water, and surrounded by mountains. Unfortunately, it is crowded with people, so can't really enjoy it much.

Another picture of Maya Bay, there is a route that you go on and you will be able to see a cave.

Look at the crystal clear water!!! You can see what is underneath the water.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Next- Krabi Phi Phi Island

Next post will be on my tour to Phi Phi Island... Come back soon! Stay tune...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Krabi- Ao Nang Sunset

Ao Nang beach is known for the beautiful sunset. That statement is true! After checking into the hotel, I decided to go for a walk, and I saw that everyone was getting ready for the sunset, even local people. Wow! What a breathtaking view! If you stay there the whole time and patiently wait, you will be able to see, the sun slowly setting, and how the sky changes to a darker colour, and how it effects the overall scenery. Truly worth watching and waiting!

Below are the evidence:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Krabi- Hotel Reviews

Firstly, hotel reviews. I went during the peak season, so prices of hotel was very high and overpriced. I stayed in Alis Hotel. To me it was very expensive! There were others that were cheaper or more expensive, but I considered the distance to the shop, and thought Alis was the best, but sad to say, I was wrong. As most of the hotels in Ao Nang, is not far away from shops. So as long as you stay in Ao Nang, you will be able to see shops everywhere. The picture of the hotel on the website was so alluring, but it wasn't exactly the same. I paid about 88USD per room per night. The hotel was a bit run down. Comparing to where I come from, I could get a better hotel for that price. The breakfast was alright. They provided free internet access, which was good. I must admit they have quite a nice, small swimming pool and their interior has quite nice design. Otherwise, it was very basic. Don't expect too much from this hotel, it is just a small boutique hotel.

TIP: To get to this hotel or all other hotels in Ao Nang,you will have to get airport transfer from the hotel or either get a cab, because it is some distance away from the airport.

From Alis Hotel(or just in front of Alis Hotel),you will be able to see Pakasai Hotel.Pakasai Hotel,is a luxury hotel with 4 or 5 stars. If you don't mind spending the money, or would like luxury getaway, Pakasai could be your choice. Their swimming pool is way bigger than alis hotel.

If you are looking for a cheaper hotel, or a budget hotel, I would recommend, Ao Nang Sunset Hotel. I went and have a look at the hotel, because before I make my decision I considered to stay in this hotel as it was cheaper than Alis hotel. From the look of it, it is quite good for a budget hotel and cheaper for Alis Hotel. The staff were very friendly when we enquired about the hotel.

Another hotel, that I would highly recommend would be Peace Laguna Hotel. I considered this hotel before booking Alis Hotel. From the website, the hotel looks very beautiful, unfortunately there were no rooms available. I had a chance though of visiting my friends who were staying in that hotel and they kindly showed us around. It was really pretty, just as the website, my friend stayed in a private cottage, so it was very beautiful and extra special, not to mention the price too. They have a big swimming pool(if that is important for you). If I ever visit Krabi again, this would be my first choice.

Please bear in mind that all three hotels does not have a beach front. If you are looking for a beach front then this four hotels would not be your choice.

I would say there will be not much use staying in Krabi town, unless you like the town, but if you are going for island hopping, and have limited days, staying in Ao Nang area, would be a better choice.


If you are on a honeymoon, or special occasion, pampering yourself, or would like a beachfront hotel. Try looking for hotels on Railey or Koh Lanta hotels.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Krabi Tour- What I need to know?

I booked from the nearest tour company that is near my hotel, small company, but very nice people, it is Krabi Nemo Tour. We booked from them and they arranged for us to join bigger tour comapanies. I really like the Krabi Nemo Tour service.

When choosing tours, there are 2 things you need to take note of:
1) You need to expect that each island tour(that tour company provides), normally takes you approximately one whole day to finish(unless they state that it is a half day tour)therefore you are unable to do 2 tours in one day.
2) You have to select the type of boat that you would like to use, they have speed boat, long tail boat or big boat. OR another choice is that in Ao Nang, they allow you to rent the whole long tail boat.
3) Before booking, please do compare prices, as there are many tour companies, and lots of competition, see whether there is a company that is able to give you a good price. So look around and compare!!

With so many choices, which should I choose?

This is my suggestion and opinion:

Speed Boat - I have asked the local tour agent, and they told me that, to Phi Phi Island, since it is quite far away from Ao Nang, it is better to take the Speed Boat Tour, as it covers many areas and faster too, so the journey will be comparatively shorter. The tour companies are able to show more personal attention, compared to the big boat.

The Big Boat-- Having many people in one big boat, about 30-50 persons. Personally, I do not like that type of tours. So many people!!! They might block my view.

Long Tail Boat- Long tail boats, is good for nearer islands, for example 4 Island tours. The tour tail boat will be a good choice! Should be sufficient. The tour companies are able to show more personal attention, compared to the big boat.

Rent your own boat- Unless you want to have the whole boat to your self or you have a large family, then maybe you should choose this option. Otherwise, I feel it is quite a waste of money. I was thinking of choosing this, but then when I counted the cost, it is much more expensive. You will be able to save much more money by joining the local tour company and they provide lunch too!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Krabi- Should I go? Who should go? How long should I stay?

Many wonder whether to take a vacation to Krabi? Is it suitable for me? Will I like it there?

Therefore this is my viewpoint:

If you LOVE:

  • Adventure

  • Beautiful scenery

  • Beaches and Sea

  • Swimming

  • Playing with water

  • Honeymoon

  • Romantic getaway

  • Taking picturesque pictures

  • Relaxing on the beach(Railey)

  • Love boat trips

It MIGHT NOT be suitable for you, If you:

  • Get Seasick Easily

  • Do not like long journeys

  • Do not like boats

  • Do not like beach or sea

  • Have a family with very very young children

  • Elderly ones with walking difficulties

How long should I stay?

I would recommend 4-5 days- should be quite sufficient. Unless, you would like to go for the island hopping and cover the whole of Krabi throughly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coming Soon- Krabi

Coming soon... my next post... KRABI!!!
Have you heard of that place before? Ever wonder what it looks like? What should you do in Krabi? Should I visit Krabi?

I will put 2 post about Krabi every week.

Don't forget to tune in and food blog

My post on Krabi, with lots of pictures and tips...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Matta Fair

Matta Fair is coming soon!! All those travellers, honeymoon goers, vacation, family trip, take note of the date.March 13-15th.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Restaurant Review- Vietnam Kitchen

Finally, I'm giving my first restaurant review- Vietnam Kitchen. I have been to this restaurant for quite a number of times. This time I went with my friend. I ordered their speciallity, that is special beef noodle soup and my friend, sliced chicken and spring roll vermicelli. Compared to the first time, when I ate at this restaurant, the special beef noodle soup is not as delicious, the soup was watery and not so much flavour. I was dissapointed. Whereas, my friend choose the sliced chicken and spring roll vermicelli, quite nice! Just a reminder this noodle, doesn't come with soup, it is dry style.

Next I ordered their famous, Vietnamese spring roll. Wow! Delicious! This spring roll, still maintained the original taste. It is so crunchy and the ingredients is just right, complement the spring roll very well. As for the salad roll, which is also fried spring roll, just different taste, it wasn't as good as the vietnamese spring roll. I would say- Ok! Not really impressive! Would rather order another plate of their vietnamese spring roll.

Try their set menu too. The last time, we tried it, 5 or 6 of us, and it was good!

The price for drinks is quite expensive. It costs, RM5.50. But I guess that is usual restaurant price.

Unfortunately, couldn't get a picture of the food, that I ate. Sorry!

The price for the: (as of 4 March 2009)
Vietnamese spring roll RM6.90 (per plate)
Salad Roll RM 6.90 (per plate)
Sliced Chicken and Spring Roll Vermicelli RM10.90
Special Beef Noodle Soup RM 12.90
Ice Lemon Tea RM 5.50

Overall: Love the Vietnamese Spring Roll. The set meals are not bad too.
Ambience: Quite nice.
Suitable: Family, Couples, Single, Friends, Business
Rating: 2 Stars
Address: S312, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Unique Hotel in Langkawi

As I was searching the internet, and found this unique and captivating hotel, and I looked at the website and the pictures, WOW! Really describe Malaysia very well!

At first you might look at the frontpage of the website and say, there isn't anything different from all the bungalows and hotels! You are wrong!! Wait till you see the pictures of the interior and exterior of all houses.

All the villas has a traditional touch of Malaysian-style homes. From the Straits Club House to the Estate House, the exterior design, the interior design all gives you a nostagic feeling!

From the way I see it, it looks like the owner puts lots of effort to maintain the houses with a classic touch. The owner managed to find a balance between a old and new and simplicity. Not easy indeed! I looked at the pictures of the chinese house, truly amazing! Look at the picture for the Penang house picture, and look at the bath tub...Intriguing! As for the swimming pool, it is really modern. This is What I call A Truly Malaysian Hotel!

Would love to go there one day, and look at this hotel. If budget allow, maybe stay there.

Here is the website for the hotel: