Saturday, May 30, 2009

Choo..choo train... Beijing - Shanghai Train

Ever thought of taking the trains in China?
During my trip I took a train from beijing to shanghai. Other than the loud people, it was good, thumbs up.I took the Z train and my friend told me that it was comfortable, I took the sleeping deck. It was more expensive but it was much more comfortable than seating all the way. I would take the train again, it is very convenient,as it travel at night and the next day you are in the Shanghai.Will recommend it as another mode of transport to travel around china.

Below are the pictures of the train:

We took the double decker bed. the bed are quite comfortable too....

One thing I would recommend,that you go early to the train station and especially if you don't know how to read chinese, because it can be quite confusing, and there are many people, using the train.
Anything you would like to ask me about the train, feel free to write to me...or leave a comment.


  1. i have heard lot of about this shanghai Train. Thanks for this information. It will be helpful to me during my next visit to Shanghai.

  2. You welcome! Do try it if you have the chance... I know that the comfortable trains are the Z type, so it would be nice if you can choose the Z type trains.