Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Palace

This is Summer Palace, Wow, the place is worth visiting, but it takes about a day or two to finish touring the whole place, if you look at every corner. When you look at the map the place, look small, but really the place is so so big, that you wonder how the emperor or the princeses walk from one end to the other. Or would I say how hard must be for the slave to carry them from one end to the other. Tiring.
If you can't finish the whole place, maybe just choose a few from the map that you would like to visit, and test your map reading skills. hehe... and make sure you don't get lost.

The adventurous side of me was bugging me to go to the summer palace but public transportation, as I found some instruction on how to get there. So I changed metro twice and went on a bus. It was fun!!!

Here are the pictures that I would like to share with you...





The walkway is full of all this handpainted sceneries...so beautiful...

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