Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the Historical City to The Modern City of Shanghai

From the Historical City to The Modern City of Shanghai... wow a vast different.

The hotel that I stayed in is the Seventh Heaven Hotel. After much researching and reading past customer's comments. I chose this hotel because of the location. The hotel room is located on top of Giordano. Don't worry, if you do not know where to go, they have a hotel staff waiting in front of Giordano and you can ask him to assist you. The location is really good, as it is the centre to town on East Nanjing Road, we found it easy to get to the place we wanted, The Bund and People's Square. The hotel was walking distance to two different metro lines(which brings you to most of the tourist spot).

Location: Really Good! Fantastic!
But we were not happy with the staff when we reached there, they were rude and ill-mannered, did not treat us as guest, not trained properly. She scolded us and it made us very unhappy. We asked her a few questions and she was too busy to answer. We were annoyed with her attitude. The staff represents the hotel, with such staff, our impression of the hotel was ruined.
Shanghai hotels are overpriced and overated, in my opinion, so a 3 star hotel, may not be as what you expect back home. It is just the very basic. Our room was very old, and looks dirty, the sheets were all dirty brown. The price for the rooms,not cheap at all, USD 39(CNY 300)per room per night, breakfast is not included.
Thumbs up for the location only,nothing else.

In the night it is quite beautiful as you will notice bright and colourful lights. Some may say it is light pollution though. hehe... We went to The Bund for a night view of Shanghai. Look at this modernise city, full of skyscrappers, full of people too.

The famous, Shanghai postcard picture, Oriental Pearl Tower.

This is the building that are across the bund.

Look this is the AIA building.

I must say, I found Shanghai a more organized city, in terms of transportation. As the Metro takes you to most of the tourist spots.

In Shanghai, for the first day, we ate the famous Ma La Guo (spicy hotpot), for those who are not use to spicy food, better not try it. It is really spicy!really! not kidding! Honestly, other than spicy taste, can't really taste anything else. Maybe since it is so spicy, it numbs all my other taste buds. haha...or maybe I didn't go to the right restaurant. But this restaurant that I went too, they have people lining and waiting just to be seated. The next few days, we went to the nearby shopping mall and ate Hong Kong food. Love it, the price was reasonable too comparing it to normal shanghai price.

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  1. Yes, I think Shanghai is much bigger than London in some way!