Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Planning and Transport....

My plan, was that I fly to beijing than come back through Shanghai. After much homework, Malaysia airline was still the cheapest. The other airline that I was planning to go with was Cathay Pacific as they have promotion. How I wish I could try cathay pacific. Cheaper my choice.

As I stayed with my friends, it help me save a lot of money. As Beijing is not a cheap place to stay in. The 6 hours journey to Beijing was dissapointing using Malaysia Airlines. Can you imagine? No Personal TV!!!! How dissapointing....I had to look extra hard at the kici-rat tiny tv.

When I went to Beijing and Shanghai, I went on my own, just like the local travelling around, as I know how to read chinese, it was good, and if you know how the local bus system work, you will get to places in no time and enjoy your ride as you experience the everyday life with local people. When we got stuck we ask the local bus conductor, but we have to try hard to understand them and the one we met could only speak mandarin. Unfortunately, the bus conductor are quite loud too. Do not get a shock! You will get to experience it, if you travel on your own. For me it was fun and really an adventure, getting to destinations, with a map and asking and lots of figuring out, get a feeling like I was on the Amazing Race!!HA! HA! And when you reach the destination, you feel so happy! I would only recommend this type of DIY travel, if 1) you know a friend who is living there and knows the place well 2) you know chinese. As there are people, who may trick better be careful.

As for taxis, I didn't dare go by taxis as I have a fear of getting cheated and I heard that it is expensive.

Reading through many travel guides and as Beijing is famously known for historical buildings. I not a fan of historical buildings but I don't mind it... so my first stop... The famous Tian An Men Square...

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