Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beijing--First Stop: TianAn Men Square, Forbidden City

I went by underground to Tiananmen Stop (East or West)(TiananmenDong and Tiananmen Xi) and was able to reach it easily. One thing I'm not used to is that everywhere you go in china, there is full of people.

To find the ticket booths, you have to walk further in. This place is huge, so historical building lovers out there, all those going to Beijing on your own, please estimate at least one day or 3/4 of a day to finish the whole place (This apply to other historical sites in Beijing too).

There are many students working as part time guides outside, and you can hire their service. I thought, ah, never mind, I can read english and chinese, so just go ahead and read every information board and sign, and I will be alright, but I regretted not hiring guide, that's because I have no knowledge of chinese history at all and do not know what was happening in the forbidden city and why is the artifact there. SO was clueless the whole time and did not really enjoy myself. So if you have no chinese history knowledge or background at all, i would suggest, you could think of hiring a guide, but it must be a good and knowledgable guide. (Beware: There is lots of walking to do, so if you travelling along with kids or elderly ones, you have to take note of this.)

Below are the pictures that I took:

Rainy day, umbrellas, everywhere.

The old old buildings, full of history and beautiful architecture.

Look at the ceiling and roof it is so detail.

Look a the windows!

The courtyard and gardens are beautiful and soothing too...

This place, reminds me of the TVB drama of ancient scene, when the emperor sits on the throne.

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