Monday, April 27, 2009

My trip to China- Beijing and Shanghai

I always wanted to put my foot in China, as I have heard about the wonders and the natural beautiful of China. I'm curious too of how eventhough we speak chinese but it can be a different than the chinese spoken in China. Plus known to everyone that China is a Shopping paradise(plus point). China is a big country, where should I start? I wondered? After asking around from tour agency, they told me that I should visit first to all the big cities, because they say that if you have never seen to beijing and shanghai is like you have never been to china. Logical- like if I have been to Paris but never seen Eifel Tower...then is like you have never been there before. Therefore, I chose Beijing and Shanghai...The metropolitan cities.

I thought of going by tour, unfortunately I was cheated by the tour company. I thought my wish of going to china would be just gone, blown away.After much enquires, I found out that my friend lives there,hehe! I was going there after all. But there is no luxury, as to sit on the bus and let the tour guide handle everything. I needed to plan for my trip.

Hence by journey begins to Beijing and Shanghai...


  1. Good 4 u.Be alert,cautious n street wise when in China on your own or u get cheated left n right. Have a good time n blog for us.

    Fellow Travel bug "doubtom"