Friday, April 3, 2009

Restaurant Review- Italiannines--Let's Do Lunch Promotion

This is not the first time, eating at Italiannies. The last time, I ate, the food was good, especially, one dish that I truly love. This time around, I had a craving for this dish at Italiannies. As you know the price is not cheap at all. So when I saw the newspaper advert that they are having special promotion for lunch,RM 13.90, I ate lunch at this restaurant.

I went to their outlet in One Utama. As every promotion small print is important, same as Italiannies, after being given a place to sit. I look at the promotion once again and found out that it was RM 13.90 onwards...aiyah! They only have one dish that is RM 13.90, 8" Magherita Pizza, the prices of other dishes are higher. One good thing though, the set includes a cup of soup and your choice of Pepsi/ Lipton Iced Lemon Tea.

The served us bread; their bread mixed with vinegar and olive oil...Wow! Yes, it is only bread, but it taste different from ordinary bread especially when dipped with vinegar.

I decided to choose my favourite dish in Italiannies--- The Classic Carbonara, Yummy! Unfortunately, it was included in the promotion. My last impression of it, very delicious. This time round, i enjoyed the first bite, but after a while, did not really like it, the taste was a bit different, I think they used milk instead of cream(my personal opinion, I'm not a chef!). Anyway, it tasted different! I think I would recommend eating and sharing it with friends. I think it taste better like that. The price of this dish- not cheap- RM 20.00+ for one person.

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