Thursday, April 2, 2009

Krabi- Phi Phi Island Tour Part 2

Pileh Bay

Viking Cave

They allow us to go snorkeling in Lohsamah Bay, we were able to feed the fishes too. Look at the pretty fishes and so many of them.

Bonus point: We were able to spot Dolphin, look at the picture. Wow, dolphin in the middle of Thailand, hehe!

Next the gorgeous island- Bamboo Island.

Truly, bamboo island, look at the bamboo. Love this island. Unfortunately because of the scorching heat was unable to enjoy it as much.

End of the tour, we went back to Ao Nang.

My take:

I would recommend this big tour company: Nattacha Tour- for Phi Phi Island.

They were willing to accommodate to our request, they went all the way out. They handle tours with personal touch. The boat man was willing to take us extra mile to have a look at the dolphins, even though it was not in our itinerary. Really showed us that they are not doing it for the money only. Highly recommended.

Phi Phi Island Tour Review

It is worth going for the tour, as the scenery is beautiful and it is one of the famous tours.

The downside is that the distance is quite far and because of the popularity of this place, there are many people on the islands. Besides that,during high tide, it is quite a bumpy ride, so after a while you might feel a bit sea sick and uncomfortable and tired too. I felt that way. Be prepared!
If you can't stand travelling on the speed boat for a long time, you might have to reconsider.

Another downside: Unfortunately, the corals that we were taken to see, because of pollution, most of it were dead. I expected to see many colourful corals, but to my dissapointment- Could not spot one at all. (Maybe they didn't take us to they right place)

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