Monday, April 13, 2009

Restaurant Review: Meng Heong

Hmm... My next restaurant review is a chinese restaurant, Meng Heong, that my friends took me. They gave me a treat!! Thank You! It is located in Tmn Mastiara, Jalan Ipoh.


First up, was the vegetable- Deep Fried Kailan with Ikan Bilis, I thought that it was an interesting dish, never seen vegetable being deep fried like that before. It taste quite good too, but who could any deny that deep frying food is always tasty plus ikan bilis added to it, crunchy. If you are healthy conscious, I think you can guess how healthy this dish is...

The taufu, I was told that the restaurant made it themselves. The taufu was soft. The sauce, nothing special, just ordinary oyster sauce mix. As for the chopped prawns that was put on the taufu, that was what spoilt the whole dish, as they put prawns that are not fresh on it, and you can immediately taste it.


Next dish was served, oh wait to you hear what is this dish all about, I'm sure some people will be crazy about this dish---- Fried Prawns with Salted Egg! Yes I said it: Salted Egg, Ham-Dan.

If you like salted egg, you may like this dish. I not a big fan of salted egg, so can't commend much about it. As all salted egg dish, it is a mix of salted egg and sugar on the prawns. I love prawns... but this dish was a so- so for me.

What else did we have next: Fish!


It is the normal, Steam Fish with Ginger, that you can get anywhere. I would say that this was the best dish of all that we ordered. They steam the fish just right timing, not overcooked nor undercooked, so the flavour was absorb into the fish and the flesh was soft and smooth;The ginger was just the right amount, it is not overpowering.

Anything more? my friend ordered: O Jian(Oyster Pancake) Was surprised he ordered it, I thought we could only find it in Pasar Malam or "Pai Pai Tong"...hehe... must be something special, when we ordered it, it was mentioned to the staff that it must be fried with less oil. The dish came out with, less oil? Maybe! I could still see oil all over and it still has a oily taste to it. The taste was not bad. I don't know what is the price, but if it is highly price, maybe going to the pasar malam is much better.


Opps, forgot about the Loh Hon Zhai! Ok dish. Again, would say that it is an oyster sauce based dish.

Total cost: RM 160

My thoughts: I really thank and appreciate my friends for giving me a treat. Thank you, thank you! This is my honest review on the restaurant. Hope you don't mind....friend.

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