Monday, April 6, 2009

Krabi- 4 Islands Tour

On the following day, I opt to go for the 4 islands tour. Again, I book through Krabi Nemo Tour, this time they arranged for me to join the Green Planet company. The people from Krabi Nemo Tour group told me that Green Planet is quite good for the 4 islands tour and to choose to go by long tail boat will be good enough. I took their advice. As usual, the Green Planet company came to my hotel to pick me up. We took the long tail boat and depart for Chicken Island.

This is chicken island, it has the chicken head too... Haha....from a distance you will know which island you will be going too.

Love this island, so picturesque, full of beauty!!!

Resting by the trees, on a hot sunny day, but what a beautiful picture!

This is to show how clear the water is!

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