Monday, March 2, 2009

A Unique Hotel in Langkawi

As I was searching the internet, and found this unique and captivating hotel, and I looked at the website and the pictures, WOW! Really describe Malaysia very well!

At first you might look at the frontpage of the website and say, there isn't anything different from all the bungalows and hotels! You are wrong!! Wait till you see the pictures of the interior and exterior of all houses.

All the villas has a traditional touch of Malaysian-style homes. From the Straits Club House to the Estate House, the exterior design, the interior design all gives you a nostagic feeling!

From the way I see it, it looks like the owner puts lots of effort to maintain the houses with a classic touch. The owner managed to find a balance between a old and new and simplicity. Not easy indeed! I looked at the pictures of the chinese house, truly amazing! Look at the picture for the Penang house picture, and look at the bath tub...Intriguing! As for the swimming pool, it is really modern. This is What I call A Truly Malaysian Hotel!

Would love to go there one day, and look at this hotel. If budget allow, maybe stay there.

Here is the website for the hotel:

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