Thursday, March 19, 2009

Krabi Tour- What I need to know?

I booked from the nearest tour company that is near my hotel, small company, but very nice people, it is Krabi Nemo Tour. We booked from them and they arranged for us to join bigger tour comapanies. I really like the Krabi Nemo Tour service.

When choosing tours, there are 2 things you need to take note of:
1) You need to expect that each island tour(that tour company provides), normally takes you approximately one whole day to finish(unless they state that it is a half day tour)therefore you are unable to do 2 tours in one day.
2) You have to select the type of boat that you would like to use, they have speed boat, long tail boat or big boat. OR another choice is that in Ao Nang, they allow you to rent the whole long tail boat.
3) Before booking, please do compare prices, as there are many tour companies, and lots of competition, see whether there is a company that is able to give you a good price. So look around and compare!!

With so many choices, which should I choose?

This is my suggestion and opinion:

Speed Boat - I have asked the local tour agent, and they told me that, to Phi Phi Island, since it is quite far away from Ao Nang, it is better to take the Speed Boat Tour, as it covers many areas and faster too, so the journey will be comparatively shorter. The tour companies are able to show more personal attention, compared to the big boat.

The Big Boat-- Having many people in one big boat, about 30-50 persons. Personally, I do not like that type of tours. So many people!!! They might block my view.

Long Tail Boat- Long tail boats, is good for nearer islands, for example 4 Island tours. The tour tail boat will be a good choice! Should be sufficient. The tour companies are able to show more personal attention, compared to the big boat.

Rent your own boat- Unless you want to have the whole boat to your self or you have a large family, then maybe you should choose this option. Otherwise, I feel it is quite a waste of money. I was thinking of choosing this, but then when I counted the cost, it is much more expensive. You will be able to save much more money by joining the local tour company and they provide lunch too!!

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