Friday, November 27, 2009

Breakfast-Dim Sum

Early Morning, First thing we woke up, we wanted to taste the authentic Hong Kong dim sum.
Wondered how different it would be from our Malaysian dim sum. My uncle drove us to the nearest local dim sum restaurant. It wasn't a famous restaurant, just an ordinary restaurant, but we wanted to taste Hong Kong dim sum so badly that we didn't care whether it was a famous restaurant. Anyway, as we walk in, we saw all the local grandpa grandma eating their breakfast, all eyes were looking at us, and following us as we sat down, I think there were surprised to see us come from out of no where and not someone they know. We felt a bit uncomfortable at first, with everyone staring at us, as if we landed on another planet, but when we the food arrived, we forgot about all the people staring at us. Don't worry, not all Hong Kong restaurant are like that, or I can say this is the only restaurant that have people staring at you.
The porridge, porridge with century egg, the porridge is so smooth and tasty, you know that it has bee cooked for hours and all the ingredients to cook this porridge was just right, not to salty.

Chee Cheong Fun, It has a different taste from the one that I'm used to eating back home. Not bad. It has a similar taste to the Chee Cheong Fun they have in Canton-I.

Tried their bao(dumpling), and their har gao (prawn dim sum). It was alright. But look at the porridge---finished, gone! I could practically lick the whole bowl.

Siew Mai (Pork dim sum)

Align Center
Char Siew Pao (pork dumpling)
Ham Dan Pao (Dumpling with Salted Egg)

Raddish Cake, Compared to the one back home, I love the one at home better.

I would recommend this shop, because other than the porridge the rest was nothing special. The rest of the days in Hong Kong, I found better Dim sum shops.

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