Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hong Kong-Emperor Hotel

As we wanted to stay near to our relative, our kind uncle. We decided to stay in Happy Valley and this would be the only hotel. This hotel is very clean and neat. Quite a nice hotel but the price was very expensive nearly RM 400 per night. I guess prices of hotel in Hong Kong, a Metropolitan city, must be around there. One thing I look for in a hotel is their cleaniness, decor and friendly staff, value for money.
Below are my ratings:
Hotel Cleaniness: Thumbs up, it was really clean.
Decor- just simple decor, I would gauge by the way they decorate the bed too, I love white sheets and comfortable, not old school type of flower comforter, or brown comforter that some hotel still uses.
Spacious: Not bad for a hotel in Hong Kong.
Friendly staff- They were helpful.
Value for money- Honestly, I would feel that it is overpriced. I think it is quite big for a hotel room in hong kong.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

White sheets! Yahoo! Makes the whole bedroom beautiful and comfortable.

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