Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Airport Express-Hong Kong

We decided to take the Airport Express to the City as it is so convinient and about 24 minutes ride to Central. It was very comfortable as you can see, the chair is made out of cushion. But I think it is not suitable for people who has lots of luggage.

They even have the very nice lights to show how long more does it take to reach to your destination. I feel this was really cool!

Airport Express the first stop is Tsing Yi, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Station. They have another stop that is Asia World Expo Station, I think it is more for business people attending the Expo.

Really convenient, if possible take this option of travelling from the Airport to the city.

Check out their official website, as you will be able to find some promotions for the airport express.

For example, we were travelling in fours. I checked the website and they had a special pass for 4 person, which is really a great deal. If you are travelling in four, don't forget to buy the Group of 4 ticket. You can just tell the counter and they will sell you those tickets. The price is HK 250 for single journey, normally it would cost HK 400. It was a good deal. They have a promotion for a group of 2, and 3 too. If you want to know where to find such information, just leave me a message and I will tell you the website.

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