Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair till 7th March

Around this time, is where all the travel fair starts... First up,normally we have the Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair. They started it a few years back, everyone time a week or 2 before Matta Fair.

This time I was eagerly waiting for Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair as they have cheap fares for their destinations. This time round, it wasn't as big as they usually have it. So I was dissapointed! What was even more dissapointing are the fares, it is not as cheap at last year... Aiyah... What for have the fair, if you are not planning on giving cheap rates. Is it a marketing gimmick? to boost sales? to compete with Air Asia?

Really dissapointed Malaysia Airlines!

Now have to wait for Matta Fair or Air Asia to give really good fares.


  1. hi there...
    I was searching around for a tour agency for my euro tour with my family and happen to see your blog address somewhere in a forum. I didn't know which agency to choose as I am not very sure which one is good.
    I read about your euro tour in 2008 with mayflower. Just want to know if is good?
    Thanks alot..=)

  2. Thanks for your question, so sorry for late reply.
    Yes, I went by mayflower. Quite good. Our tour guide was good, experienced and she tells us what to get in each country as souvenirs (reasonably price), the hotel was good too except for one day, we even got to stay in holiday inn. that was nice. but i think overall all tour companies provide more or less the same itineraries, some make a stop over, others go straight to their destination and depends on how experience their tour guide is. I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to ask any other questions.

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