Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stunning Dim Sum Restaurant- with equal stunning price

One of the restaurant that we went is this stunning dim sum restaurant in Time Square Hong Kong. Stunning Restaurant-match with Stunning Price, therefore, the price for the food in this Restaurant is expensive too. So be careful! Make sure you know the price before ordering. We order approximately 10 plates of dim sum including pau came up to RM 500+. That is how expensive it is. But the shop is famous and full of people. Quite many of the dim sum though is not like the usual type that you eat in other restaurant. They have the unique selection and new choices of dimsum.

The deco of the restaurant.

The chairs covered with cloth.

The beautiful lights of the restaurant adding to the ambience of the place.

The different types of food.

The "Polo" Pau .

The Menu.

Vegetable with Ginger.

Here is the list of price. If you see on Saturday or Sunday the prices are more expensive.

My rating: Definitely a delicious restaurant, but a hole in the pocket because of the pricey food. Ambience- it very very romantic restaurant with the deco adding to its ambience. Very beautiful setting.

I would recommend this restaurant, but save all your money first before going to this restaurant.

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