Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guilin & Yangshuo- Planning

After looking through thousand and thousand of pictures on Guilin, done and decided that my next destination would be Guilin & Yangshuo.

I started doing research on this trip, far in advance as to places that I want to visit. I have tried self-travelling (DIY), self-driving,following tour groups around. Usually, I would like to explore the whole place at my own time and pace, this way, I get to experience daily life as a local, speak the local language or test my language skills. This time though, I was travelling with friends and family, travelling on my own, with maps and guide books would be a bit to risky and difficult plus it was a short holiday. I decided to engage a private tour to take us to places we want to go, guarantee no stops to buy things that we don't want nor places we do not want to see.

Private tours are usually expensive, that is a common view, and I totally agree but what you get out of it is your time. Anyway, i was thinking of getting a decently price tour and since it is china,it should be cheaper...

Finally, I found two, the issue was with pricing and trust. I chose one that was prompt in returning my e-mails. Unfortunately, at the end of the day...dissapointed...(will tell you more about it)

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  1. yes, for every trip there is need of research. without research its really very difficult