Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Korea, Korea, Korea... Because of the Korean drama that gets you so addicted too and Korean Music that is oh so touching, Korean Wave is spreading to every part of the world. I have been to Korea before and this is the second time. First time was 8 years ago, went with the tour group, so have been to places that they usually takes you- like Nami Island, Soraksan, Autumn in My heart drama location, Jeju Island. This time around, I have a Korean friend and he decided to take us around... Yahoo!...Touring Korea from a local point of view, Not every time we get to have such tours. We book air asia ticket when they first offer to fly to Korea for RM 300+ return ticket per person (inclusive of luggage and meals). We save a lot on the flight tickets.

Lets Start off... Kaja!

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