Sunday, May 22, 2011

Koh Samui- Day 2- Island Hopping

It was a rainy day, we decided to book the tour from the Hotel using Samui Island Tour to Angthong Marine Park. You can choose between with Kayaking or without. (Do compare the prices before booking.) A van fetch us and sent us the jetty. Then we took the tour boat, they served breakfast, with bread,coffee and tea. (Advise: Do not eat too much or you will regret later!) The tour guide mentioned to us that if any were to back out now, please go ahead ( we did not know why she said that, but we realize later)

Koh Samui Island Tour Boat
The sea was rough, we thought that it will be better after a while, not long after it started to get even worst, the sea was really choppy and many people started to throw out, including my family members. With many of feeling really uncomfortable and feel like vomiting, it seem like forever to get the National Park. By the time, we reached there, it was a sign of relief as the water was much calmer. However, because my family members, were feeling so uncomfortable, they didn't get to enjoy the scenery at all. (A word of advise: Even though our friend mentioned to us that the weather is quite good in December, it is better to check again, especially when travelling on the boat and with elderly ones, they might not be able to handle the journey. Please check the weather condition and the sea condition before deciding and if not sure you have a chance to back out.)

As for me, even though my stomach felt uncomfortable due to the boat ride, I really wanted to see the scenery. I went up and caught sight of the astonishing emerald green lagoon-"Talay Nai". Wow, magnificent!

From the Viewpoint

The Emerald Lagoon

Next, it was lunch on the boat and we were taken to the next island in Wua Ta Lap island. You can choose between staying near the beach and taking a swim or climbing up to the top view point which is about one hour. Since, my family members were not feeling well, we decided to stay near the beach. It was a little let down as this island isn't much of a sight or beauty, it was ruin by dirt, rubbish and glass.

Lunch Provided on Board

After an hour, we headed back to Koh Samui.

Dinner: Tarua Samui Seafood Restaurant. About 10 mins walking distance from our hotel, recommended by the hotel staff. We thought we are here on an island, must try seafood.
We ordered fish, prawns, vegetable and lobster. The outdoor table was so windy and cooling, very romantic. As for food, is not that good. Our lobster, did not have any taste in it. The bill- expensive.

Sneak out to Lamai Night Market- went shopping, like Chaweng it is a whole stretch of shops, just shorter than Chaweng. Banana pancakes was recommended on other website but I did not try as it looks similar to malaysia's banana roti canai. Must have a look. Might be able to find things that you like. I bought bags, hair bands with flowers, and broach.

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