Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch- Wan Tan Mee

Isn't my tummy, a bit too much, just after lunch and a brisk walk near stanley bay and apleichau, my tummy yearns for more food. What more? This time, I was brought to Wan Tan Mee shop, I think it is famous, as you can see, that is the name of the restaurant "zhen dou"(For those who can read chinese) for those who can't read their shop is called Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop, let's taste the difference between Hong Kong wan tan mee and Malaysia's or Singapore's.

the table setting.

the food, wantan mee, vegetables, and beef noodles.

a close up pictures of the food

chee cheong fun with pork

wantan mee soup

and lastly fried devils (yao zha guai) with chee cheong fun.
My taste buds review:dry wantan mee was rather different from the one that i'm use to eating, the wantan mee that I eat back home, is full of black sauce, look at the Wantan mee in hong kong not a single spot of black sauce. Not bad. You can taste the noodle even more, they serve it with pork. maybe i'm used to the black sauce one back home. the cheong fun, which i eat back home is swimming in soya sauce, but in hong kong it is not, the sauce is put seperately. I don't mind it. Love the one back home better. sorry hong kong folks, no offense. Then as for the wantan soup, i like the dry wantan mee better than the soup. the yao zha guai it has a unique taste, but dip in in the soya sauce and you can taste different yao zha guai. did not love it that much. so so...
this shop can be quite expensive, please do prepare a little more cash than usual.
According to their business card, they have 4 outlet, or they may have only have place to put four address, one is in Happy Valley(which I went to), Central Shop, Telfored Shop (Kowloon) and Hung Hom Shop.

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