Monday, June 13, 2011

Koh Samui Day 4- Airport

We requested for the airport transfer from the hotel. I thought that the airport must be a small airport we no shops and nothing to see at all. I was proven wrong, the airport- was so cool, it is an island airport, first time seeing such an airport. It has a touch of islander feel, but with modern shops. The two rows of shops, we ample of space for us to walk. they had Swensens too...

Could not resist Swensens, so went in to have an ice-cream. Love the airport so much. I think everyone starts to relax at the airport that they forget about their flight, therefore, I saw some rushing for their flight as they were late and attendant running around directing them to their Gate. We didn't want to make the same mistake, for this reason we went early to the Gate.

Are you drooling?

How surprise we were that there were tea, coffee and other drinks, muffins and snacks, we did not want to touch it at first, as we do not want to incur unnecessary expenses. but after asking we were told that all those are free for us to eat... everyone happily took a drink. The seats at the gates is not your ordinary airport waiting seats... in straight rows of five. No it was all in the island concept, with chairs made out of rattan with cushions, tables in between. Fascinating! felt like we were in first class. I would vote this one of the interesting and comfortable airport that I have been too.

Must go early to the airport and enjoy the islander airport.

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