Monday, January 24, 2011

Tour Guide

Many asked me about my tour guide( "my tg")...
However, I'm sorry but I'm unable to recommend my tg to you. As I felt that, my tg lack experience and knowledge in this field. We went to many places and there was no explaining, just going along from one place to another. Quite many places, we were just left taking pictures and not knowing why. I was not satisfied at all. From my viewpoint, my tg packages are very expensive, I found on websites other cheaper option. There were other times, that we did not have anywhere to go and if we chose to go a certain place, we have to add money and entrance fees. Really expensive.

Therefore, with such lack of experience and pricey package, I wouldn't recommend my tg. Sorry.

My advise on choosing tour guide:
1) It is better to know what you are paying for.
For example: Is the entrance fee included? Is it by big boat or bamboo rafting? does the rooms comes with breakfast? If I want to add other places, do I need to pay for it, etc.
2) How reliable is the tour guide? Does he have experience is this field?
Does he have good reputation? everyone who tried did they say give comment about his services?
Note: Doesn't mean that one website has good reviews on a certain tour guide that he is the best, check on other websites, he may put his own reviews. I heard from other ppl that some tour guide spam or put good comments about themselves. If he has a little bad review, do take note...

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