Saturday, January 10, 2009

Switzerland- Mt Titlis

I joined the tour group to Switzerland last year. The country is very very beautiful. The people there were friendly, the weather is cooling and the air is very fresh and clean. Whenever I travel, I like to visit places with full of natural beauty. Switzerland is included in this category. First of all, I went to Mt. Titilis, board the revolving Titlis rotair cable car to the summit.

When I arrived to the summit or even before that we were freezing because we were not prepared for -1 Celsius. When we reached the top, WOW!!! It was snowing and for the first time in my life... I touched and felt snow... WOW!!! Really enjoyed it! (This is a picture to show how thick the snow was.)

Next we took the Ice Flyer Chairlift. We took a picture of the sign but didn't notice that it said a Glacier Park, which is like a fun park to play a few snow games. Unfortunately, we didn't go down to the Glacier Park. Later when we were told about it, you can imagine how dissapointed we were... All those in our group that went for the Glacier Park, came back with happy faces and related to us how fun it was down there... Sob sob... Anyone who want to go to Mt. Titlis, don't forget to go to the Glacier Park, and to bring enough clothing to keep yourselves warm...

We adjourned to the restaurant and ate cheese fondue, a must try in Switzerland.

Besides that there is an small ice cave that you can go in to have a look and take pictures.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves at Mt.Titlis- A picturesque mountain covered with white snow~

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